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The Cortex App is the gateway to a new Web3 for content all built on the upcoming Cortex Network: a scalable, provable, private, user-centric and affordable network for publishing, finding and updating content.

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Our Free .hmn NFT Domains act as part of an identity and homebase for your content.

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How Cortex Network Works


A modified sparse Merkle trie that defines the local state and allows for fast content lookups. What we get is a high efficiency, low-cost state management system which generates globally verifiable localized consensus. Publishers will stake CRTX to publish new states from users on-chain.


A human-readable namespace of keys allows for Web3 URLs to point at validated content on a decentralized backend, making it much easier to reference information.


A key value store for decentralized content using HDName-derived keys. IPFS is default for content. Users sign with keys and do commits to send to publishers. Anyone with .crtx domain and staked amount of $CRTX can publish.

Technical documentation and updates to our white paper are in the works. Check out our announcement and Press Release. Stay tuned on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter!

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A peek of what’s to come with Cortex App on the Cortex Network

1 Web3 browser and site development tool in one

1 Decentralized, flexible backend

1 Markdown for easy publishing

1 Each note has Crypto & DNS address and other features



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Core Team

We are team long dedicated to simple and easy to use user-owned content, a true Web3 for everyone.

Josh Robinson

Leonard Kish

Sergio Verdugo
Strategy Advisor

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Project Manager